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project: Wyevale Garden Centres, UK

Wyevale Garden Centres were market leaders in the UK in 2006, but needed to revitalise its disparate 122 store portfolio, which was impacting negatively on sales. Stuff International Design Ltd was retained to achieve a number of goals:

• to introduce greater consistency across its diverse portfolio of properties.

• to crystallise its brand and positioning, reconfiguring key in-store communications, identity and merchandising.Commercial Interior Design.

• to redesign the logo, merchandising displays, signage and shop layouts.

We held workshops for both management and employees and established the main issues. The key concerns were Wyevale's reliance on its customer base of more mature people, particularly those with low disposable incomes and the dilapidation of many of the existing buildings.

Broadening its appeal to a wider market became the main focus for the project. A strong delineations was created between departments and each store had a unifying theme.  New category types were introduced, such as 'habitat', 'urban', 'rural' and 'traditional' and through these we sought to increase sales of individual products while improving cross-selling.

The logo was redesigned, as were merchandising displays, signage and shop layouts.  We also commissioned all the required photography.

Following the implementation of our work, Wyevale saw a significant increase in sales and was later sold for a substantial profit.

Wyevale Branding