what we do

Delivering commercial success through architecture, design and branding ...

Our expertise focuses on the following areas:

  • Commercial architecture
  • Architectural Services
  • Commercial interior design
  • Branding
  • Product development.


We use our experience to engage in projects at any given stage - from the creation of a master plan for a new city, to the revamping of a brand. Our designs cover new major architectural projects, to the redesign of old defunct buildings, transforming them into vibrant new commercial developments. Our work has included the redesign and rebranding of major retail groups and the rebranding of international banks worldwide.

Developments: Our focus is to use design to maximise your returns.

Commercial outlets (shops, bars, restaurants, banks ...): Effective design is essential to draw customers into your business. Customers respond positively to design and we will help you plan their experience with your business and encourage them to make purchase decisions, optimising your returns.

USP:  We will aim to enhance or develop a Unique Selling Point.

Space:  The essence of retail and the successful use of space is not a mathematical equation, customers need to be emotionally driven.  Retail spaces need to be highly motivational and promote a positive impact on the client or visitor.  Well planned, it makes the maths work.

Future:  Design needs to appeal in a future context.  We cannot design solely for today, new concepts can become outdated very quickly. At Stuff International we are extremely aware of this, our aim is to create spaces that stand the test of time and maintain their iconic status well into the future.

Technology and the environment:  Environmental responsibility and the longer term economic benefit, combined with technological developments, are essential elements in all aspects of successful design and building management.