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project: Bridgehouse, UK

Stuff International Design Ltd undertook the branding and interior designs of a new brand of unique boutique hotels in the UK.  The hotels aimed to offer a tailor-made experience to suit individual tastes.

We began establishing the unique spirits and features four luxury country house hotels.  We then developed concepts and brands that would highlight the individual personalities of each, celebrating their heritage, whilst giving them a modern edge.  We looked at their attractions and atmospheres, one was cosmopolitan, one captivating, one rather magical and another enchanting. 

We redesigned the social areas within the hotels, including the restaurants, bars and reception areas. We also developed  a family of marketing materials, including brochures, website and other literature, that were quirky and engaging, to compliment the new interior designs and the brand associated with each hotel. 

Shortly after their re-launch under the new brand, bookings showed an increase of 25%.