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project: Summary of projects by sector


Below is summary of some of the projects the Stuff International Design Ltd team has lead:


Architectural developments

APN Property Development (Australia)
Arena Central in Birmingham (UK, for Hamptons)
Atomstroykomplex (Russia)
Aqua Mall (Russia, shopping centre redesign)
Cemolet (Russia, shopping centre)
Checkov (Russia, shopping centre)
Cherdantsev (Russia, new town)
Chisoff (Russia, shopping centre in Veronish)
Drakino Moscow Leisure Park (Russia, way-finding)
Dubai Festival City (Dubai, branding)
Euro Tunnel Amenity Buildings (UK and France)
Fiesta (Russia, shopping centre)
Focus (Russia, shopping centre)
Galaxy (Russia, shopping centre)
Gorad (Russia, retail, fast food restaurant chain)
Kuba (Russia, shopping centre)
Odyssey (UK, Belfast, mixed used leisure complex)
Radiga (Russia, shopping centre)
Ring (Russia, furniture shopping centre)
Safelands PLC (UK, mixed-used development)
Summer Planet (Russia, in Syktifca)
Tever (Russia, shopping centre)
Tomsk Shopping Center (Russia, Siberia)
Turin Airport (Italy, redesign for Sagat)
Whitleys (London, UK redesign of shopping centre for Standard Life)
Zoe (Russia, Yekaterinburg, design of iconic building) .



Alpina (Lebanon, chocolate retailer)
Auto Strade (Italy, all service stations)
Baggers Originals (UK, children's wear)
BT Retail (UK)
Country Casuals (UK)
Europtica (Spain, optician)
Ford Motor Company (Europe)
Gadget Shop (UK)
Guinness Retail (UK)
House of Doors and Floors (Russia) 
H Samuel’s (UK)
Intersport (Sweden)
John Menzies (UK)
Kingfisher (UK, Woolworth’s and Comet)
Kriegbaum (Germany)
Mohito (Poland, women's clothes retailer)
Molner Food (Russia)
Obi (Germany)
Optical Express (UK)
Q8 (Worldwide, service stations)
Renault (France)
Robert Dyas (UK)
Tchibo (Germany)
Unilever - Spa for Dove (UK)
Wm Morrisons Supermarkets plc (UK)
Wyevale Garden Centres (UK)



Alto (Denmark)
BT-E Commerce (Worldwide)
Dyrup (Denmark)
Ford (Europe)
Incentive (Worldwide)
L’Army (France)
Mars (Worldwide, manufacturing, branding)
Pachin (Egypt)
Panama Jack (Spain)
Renault (Europe)
Reebok (Worldwide, manufacturer to retail branding and point of sale, etc.)
Svoboda (Austria)
Union Coffee (UK, packaging, brand creation)
Unilever/ Bertolli's Oil (Worldwide)
Van Den Berg Food (Holland)
Wittenberg (Denmark)
Wharfdale (UK)
Whitworths (Europe, branding of food company)


Financial services

Abbey National (UK)
BNP Paribas (Worldwide)
Curtis Banks (UK)
Debenhams Financial Services (UK)
De La Rue (Europe)
ING Bank (Holland)
Kuwait Investment Bank (Kuwait)
Midland Bank (UK)
National Bank of Greece (Greece)
Postbank (Netherlands)
Qatar International Islamic Bank (Qatar, redesign)
Slanski Bank (Poland)


Restaurants, bars and hotels

Ace Hotels (UK)
Bridge House Luxury Hotels (UK, all public bars and restaurants)
China White Nightclub (UK)
Empire Dog (UK, fast food market concept)
Gorad (Russia, fast food concept)
Ingredients (UK, restaurant start-up and branding)
KFC (USA, re-design starting in UK)
Manchester University (UK, bars and restaurants design)
Pizza Hut Delivery (USA, re-design starting in UK)
Putney Bridge Restaurant (UK, architectural development)
Raffles’ Night Club (UK)
Richmond Athletic Ground (UK, bars)
Santa Fay Restaurant (UK)
Smiths of Smithfield (UK, restaurant and bars)
Tangman Gang (UK, club / restaurant)
Victoria Hotel (Russia)


Mobile communications

Blu (Italy)
O2 (UK)
Phones 4u (UK)
Speedy Tomato (Sweden, for Telia)



PDA (UK, recruitment)