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project: Dove Spa, UK

Re-aqua, a leading UK well-being and spa company, joined forces with Dove, Unilever's best known skin-care brand, to create a spa environment that encompasses both their philosophies, with a relaxing, pampering and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Stuff initially analysed the competition and scrutinised the customer base for Re-aqua and Dove to ensure that the design would cater for the core customers of both the merging brands. The key to the complex design brief was maintaining the luxurious feel of high-end health spas, whilst remaining accessible to Dove's more self-confident and wider-ranging consumer market.

As a result, a soothing environment has been created, using textured walls and ambient lighting to mimic the effect of water. Dove's trademark white is softened with warm lighting and splashes of colour, nail bars and reception desks were made to echo the curves of the walls. A testing table was designed to invite customers to sample the products produced uniquely for the Dove Spa environment.

Deemed a great success, they are currently looking to open more in the future.