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  • Gourmet Hotdog rebranded "Empire Dogs" by Stuff International

    In June Gourmet Hotdog appointed Stuff International Design Limited to undertake their rebranding and to redesign their packaging, menus, website and do their advertising and messaging.  The new "Empire Dogs" branding was launched at the Olympia Speciality Fine Food Fair in September, drawing a huge amount of interest.

    Television presenter and food expert Gregg Wallace is also involved, helping to change public perception of the humble hotdog, advising on the recipes, taste and packaging.  Created by serial restaurateur Mark Yates (founder of Livebait and The Real Greek), the company has branches in Canary Wharf, Stansted Airport, Clapham Junction and Charing Cross and is planning to expand rapidly.

    Each hotdog is hand-made, steamed and smoked in their own kitchens in London Bridge.  They have less than 7% of saturated fats and are less than 350 calories per dog (including the bun) - so appeal to health aware consumers, as well as those seeking a wholesome snack.

    Stuff International focused on the company’s South London roots around the docks and the quality, provenance and taste created by using British meat and spices sourced from the around the globe. 

    The dogs include: The Duke of Cajun - Red Tractor Farm assured British chicken; The Earl of Frankfurt - outdoor reared British pork; The Baron of Pamplona - Red Tractor Farm assured British Beef.

    Neil Whitehead, founder of Stuff International said:

    "We are very excited about how much attention and sales have been attracted by the new brand and packaging we created for Empire Dogs.  To have a food product that is so low in fat, sodium and calories that tastes great has been a dream to work with and yet a challenge for us to develop an effective brand positioning and so we are pleased with customers' very positive reactions."

    The new brand and packaging has already resulted in a huge increase in interest and orders from supermarkets and particularly from those servicing airlines, trains, service stations and convenience stores.  With new flavours planned, the brand has strong growth prospects.

  • Barnes Old Sorting Office development granted change of use

    Stuff International is the architect and an investor behind a 5,000 square feet first floor development in Barnes, London. Planning permission has been obtained to change its use from office space to residential.

    Stuff International will transform the first floor of the Old Sorting Office into 6 luxury flats, located in the centre of Barnes and overlooking the famous pond.


  • Just Falafel opens two London outlets designed by Stuff International

    On 27 July Just Falafel opened its latest outlet in Croydon, Greater London, designed by Stuff International.


    Just 3 months earlier, in April, its Baker Street branch opened, opposite the Central London tube station, also designed by by Stuff International. Baker Street was the fourth Just Falafel to be opened in Central London and since then this tiny unit has won two awards as its top performer.

    Stuff is very pleased with customers’ response to the new outlets, which have drawn good crowds.  Healthy non-meat snacks are increasingly popular in the UK and worldwide and Just Falafel is seeking to expand rapidly in the UK.

  • Opera Tower Rises in Russia

    Designed by Stuff International, this iconic 43 storey tower being built in Yekaterinburg is steadily rising from the ground.  It is due to be completed in 2017 and is a mixed used development including commercial, residential and retail.  It will have an entertainment area with a bar, restaurant, seating zones, play area and gym.  There will also be a stunning roof top bar overlooking city.





  • New Iconic Building Designed for Qingdao Financial District, China

    Stuff International Design has been asked to design some buildings for the planned new financial district in Qingdao and is seeking to attract global financial institutions to locate here.  Qingdao is a stunning second tier City with a population of 7 million, bordering the Yellow Sea, with the biggest container port in the world, with beautiful parks and beaches.  We believe the buildings we have designed are iconic, symbolising the rising of a new, successful financial centre, not just in Qingdao, but within the whole China.

    To make it a vibrant new centre of the City, Stuff International is offering visitors, workers and residents in this area facilities where they can work, rest and play.  Besides its financial offices and facilities, we have designed a spherical museum to display a large Ming collection from a private owner (part of our team).  We have also linked these buildings creatively with the local metro, roads and infrastructure, offering shops, service outlets, restaurants, bars and other community facilities.   Stuff International has partnered with Mike Dethick Partners.

  • Russian Accelerator Programme in St Petersburg: Advising SMEs

    With the support of the Russian Government, the Chamber of Commerce in the Leningrad District, Neil Whitehead of Stuff International Design has been giving lectures to, advising and mentoring 50 SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) with Russian colleagues ISM (International Strategic Management) in St Petersburg.  “We have been helping these entrepreneurs to develop their business strategies and supporting them to produce effective sales tools.”

    Members of the SME programme (photo left): An evening in St Peterburg with the owners of SMEs (Neil is in the blue shirt centre right) after a day’s work relaxing and brainstorming together in the Chamber of Commerce

    The main goal of the programme is to mentor the businesses over a nine month period in order to help them to generate more revenue.  Neil and his colleagues meet the companies every two months; the programme started on 30 March 2015, with other meetings in May, July, September, November and December.  In between these events, the mentoring continues via Skype, email and phone.  As the programme evolves we introduce appropriate specialists to guide the businesses on their logistics, sales, methodology, business planning and management skills.

    Neil works with the business owners to assess:

    - Strategic positioning:  Who are your customers? What is the uniqueness of your brand? What is your vision for their company - today and tomorrow?

    - Product line logic:  What potential is there for future product development and within existing product lines?

    - Sales vision:  Can we enable multi-product sales by widening the product range? Can we develop Solution Selling rather than Product Selling?  Can we create compelling stories that enable customers to see the total potential to the product/s, rather than perhaps their most limited use?  This approach supports the existing product and its brand, enabling sales growth and offers the opportunity to sell in additional products.

    - Brand strategy: Creating a brand strategy – this might require adopting a new product or business name, modifying the logo, finding better brand solutions, improving sales materials to enable sales teams to be more effective and targeted.

    Stuff International then provides art direction materials, so that the business owners can take their new vision to local agencies to produce the work.

    Below are some examples of the work done and being done with Neil and the SMEs.


    Cosmos is a security company, operating in the private home market, previously known under a family name, but it was agreed to change it to Cosmos as it was felt to reflect more effectively the quality services provided by the company.  Having assessed the company and established a potential vision for it the with the owners, Stuff International summarised their conclusions in a draft of a sales tool, or hand-drawn “scamp” that could be developed into a brochure or used as a guideline for creating other sales tools or redesigning their website, which can be done by local agencies.

    The scamp shows how Cosmos could highlight its range of three security solutions for homes and how diagrams can help customers see more clearly the range of products and their use, leaving the company to add their words.

    3D Photography Business

    Neil assessed the company’s main 3D product, which requires special glasses in order to view the images.

    He worked with the company to enable it to think more broadly in order to improve potential sales.  They came up with ideas such as using their technology to do more types of 3D printing, perhaps producing sculpture for events, so that they could provide unique 3D solutions for promotions and so be different to all other event organisers.



    Noble Fish

    The owner of Noble Fish is based in the countryside outside St Peterburg and supplies fresh Sturgeon and Salmon (sometimes live) to local restaurants.  Neil worked with the owner to develop a new name and logo for the company.  Inspiration came from the story that she had a cat who used to go to waterfront to try to catch the Sturgeon and Salmon

    The name came from her supplying the King of Fish – Noble Fish.

    To encapsulate the new name and brand identity, Stuff International put together a draft sales document aimed at focusing on the hotel and restaurant market. The products were divided into fresh fish (Salmon and Sturgeon) and caviar.  They assessed delivery methods, prices, price lists and packaging and how to seek out new customers in the region. They also discussed creating a range of prepared food and perhaps opening a combined restaurant and fishmonger.

    Seasoning company

    Two young business owners have developed seasoning for direct application to plated food.  They currently have three recipes for meat, fish and all food.  They have just started selling into Spar and other retailers are lining up.  Neil worked with them to assess their business strategy and branding.





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  • Джаст Фалафел утвердил Стафф Интернэшнл Дизайн Лимитед своим представителем

    22 November 2012

    Just Falafal today appointed Stuff International Design Ltd to adapt and redesign its Master Concept and to develop the new format across a number of different locations in the UK.

    Just Falafel is a master franchise originating from the United Emirates. It is a new vegetarian fast food concept, with an image that is fresh and bold.  Its parent company, The Veg Zone Limited, is looking to expand the franchise across the UK and Europe.

    The first project is to adapted the design of the Baker Street outlet, with a small footprint, that requires a skillful planning configuration in order to maximise its operational efficiency and is due to open in March 2013.

  • Сегодня сеть гостинниц Рэддисон заложила камень в основании нового отеля в Екатеринбурге

    Stuff International Design Ltd has designed a 43 story mixed use building and today the foundation stone was laid as building began.  Stuff International Design Ltd was commissioned by Atomstroy, one of the largest developer construction companies in the Russian Urals, to undertake a master plan and concept design for a 43 storey mixed used development and it will be the second tallest building in Yekaterinburg.

    The aim was to create an iconic building that would be a new focus in this growing city.  The plan for this complex building blends and mixes the commercial office space with residential, leisure, retail and hotel use.  Stuff had to comply with traffic requirements for the city and also planned the parking for both the commercial and retail elements.  Completion is due in 2015 and Stuff International Design Ltd is overseeing its design development during this process.