New Iconic Building Designed for Qingdao Financial District, China

Stuff International Design has been asked to design some buildings for the planned new financial district in Qingdao and is seeking to attract global financial institutions to locate here.  Qingdao is a stunning second tier City with a population of 7 million, bordering the Yellow Sea, with the biggest container port in the world, with beautiful parks and beaches.  We believe the buildings we have designed are iconic, symbolising the rising of a new, successful financial centre, not just in Qingdao, but within the whole China.

To make it a vibrant new centre of the City, Stuff International is offering visitors, workers and residents in this area facilities where they can work, rest and play.  Besides its financial offices and facilities, we have designed a spherical museum to display a large Ming collection from a private owner (part of our team).  We have also linked these buildings creatively with the local metro, roads and infrastructure, offering shops, service outlets, restaurants, bars and other community facilities.   Stuff International has partnered with Mike Dethick Partners.